Facilitating a Leadership Program at LKYSPP for Asia Foundation Development Fellows

Bhavani is truly passionate about creating awareness about positive, sustainable change, as well as the need to take action whether as a self-leader, or a leader of an organisation, team or community. She strives to do this in an engaging and experiential way – because that is the way people learn best.  As a facilitator, the key way to get people to engage is to get them to search within, ask questions, have conversations with people around them, and bring out the wisdom within themselves, or within the group. This enables participants be actively involved in their learning, rather than be ‘fed’ information.

Here are some reasons to hire Bhavani as a trainer/facilitator for topics related to sustainability, mindfulness and/or leadership for the next learning and development program in your organisation:

* Bhavani is a highly interactive and inspiring trainer, who has the experience to engage and include every member of the audience, whether they are extroverts or introverts

* Bhavani customises each training/facilitation program, for your organisation’s budget and schedule, focusing on learning and development outcomes as discussed and agreed upon

* She uses a range of interactive methods, to cater to all kinds of adult learners who may have different orientations such as learning by seeing, hearing, doing or thinking

* Bhavani has a wide range of accreditations and methodologies to support participants learning such as Emotional Intelligence & Vital Signs for Individuals, Teams and Organisations (Six Seconds), Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (The Potential Project), Positive Psychology Coaching (Positive Acorn), Accredited Strengths Coaching (Gallup), Practitioner NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered CoachingBelbin Team Roles and Sustainability for Leadership (The Natural Step)



We arrange impactful talks and trainings for your organisation in various formats such as Lunch & Learns, ½ day, 1 day, multiple day workshops, leadership retreats or webinars.

The broad, customisable topics include:

* Corporate Social Responsibility themed employee engagement and team building programmes
* Social and sustainable innovation themed creativity and team building programmes
* Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
* Work Life Harmony
* Green & Social Entrepreneurship

✓ MINDFULNESS  Mindfulness at Work programs for Focus, Clarity and Effectiveness (as Senior Trainer & Consultant with The Potential Project, a Denmark based organisation which are global leaders in Corporate Based Mindfulness Training)

* Conscious Communication for positive change
* EQ for Resilience
* Using Social Media for social change


* Strengths based Leadership (as a Gallup Certified Accelerated Strengths Coach)
* Leadership: The Art of Powerful Questions
* Mindful Leadership (in association with The Potential Project)
* Leadership Lessons from Nature and Communities
* Leading for Social Impact ( Conscious Leadership for environmental and social impact)

Bhavani’s Accreditations (Please see Coaching section for a list of accreditations relevant for training and coaching)

* Follow on Executive Coaching for Leaders and Teams ( Methodologies include Positive Psychology & Strengths Based approaches, Neurolinguistic programming. Psychometric tools include Gallup Strengths Finder, Belbin Team Roles, Realise2, Center for Creative Leadership LM 360, Six Seconds SEI & Vital Signs (EQ) and Workplace Big 5)

Employee Engagement for CSR for 100 managers of an MNC















To find out more about Bhavani can help create positive and sustainable change in your organisation and for your stakeholders, contact her at bp[at] or on LinkedIn here

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‘Go Green’ workshop for employees of Marketing Institute of Singapore