Sustainability Circles: Leadership Lessons from Nature

Group Photo: Leadership Lessons from Nature


What lessons can we learn from observing Nature? How can these lessons inspire us to become better leaders – in our own lives, and in leading our communities or organisations?

This was a novel 3 hour interactive workshop that I had the pleasure of putting together with Zafirah Mohamed of the Sequoia Group, at the HUB on 25th April 2013.

We came up with 4 major themes (a hard task as Nature has so many lessons to offer, the more we observe!) around the way she organises herself, and followed each theme with an interactive exercises that deepened the participants understanding of the content, but more importantly to search within and engage in richer conversations with fellow participants.

We had a great night!  Look forward to another Sustainability Circle.

The pictures of the event can be viewed here on Flickr:

Here was the flyer for the event:

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