Looking for a keynote speaker, conference speaker or panel moderator for events and forums or someone who can inspire and engage for positive change in your organisation?

Bhavani is a sought after TEDx speaker who has engaged thousands of people from the platform.

Her audience invariably find her talks ‘inspiring, passionate and authentic’ 

Here are just a few reasons to hire Bhavani as a speaker:

  • Bhavani has a proven track record of speaking and moderating at various regional and local forums. She can cater to a wide range of audience profiles – across nationalities, cultures, expertise levels, and meets the audience where they are in terms of their understanding of the topic
  • She has presented to C-suite and senior level executives and professionals from the private, non-profit and government sectors, including a keynote speech in front of Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong.
  • Bhavani has a very interactive style of presentation, regardless of the format or duration of the talk. As a professional trainer, facilitator and coach, she is able to weave in various methodologies of presentation into a speech
  • Bhavani simplifies complex and seemingly abstract ideas related to sustainability, mindfulness and leadership into easily digestible chunks and focuses on the ‘What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)‘ which makes the message resonate with the audience
  • She customises every single talk, and suggests practical action points for the audience to take away and apply immediately in their work and life context
  • She was winner of the Pecha Kucha speaking competition judged by seniors in the speaking industry (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore), and is often invited as a judge for speaking and entrepreneurial pitching events, giving her the expertise to know what it means to be in the audience



 I saw Bhavani speak at Humaneity and again at Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). She impressed with her creative presentation and stood out for her authenticity and passion for her subject matter. Her natural joy is contagious and her care for what she does is genuine. A true gem. -       THADDEUS LAWRENCE, Speaker TEDxSingapore , Vice-President of Asia Professional Speaker Singapore and best-selling author of “Runaway Success”

We are really honored to have you as our guest speaker. You are a very inspiring speaker as well as an excellent moderator. Thank you so much for joining us for the event. The audience really enjoyed it!   - ENERGY CARTA, Energy Experience Series


CAAYE Summit, Colombo, Sri Lanka with a 400 strong audience from industry and government


Various suggested and customisable topics (not limited to these) include the following:

* How to engage employees in Corporate Social Responsibility
* How to create a green workplace
* Enabling transformation in organisations and in society
* Environmental issues and solutions in Asia

* Innovation for a sustainable future – green innovation, social innovation
* Sustainability Trends for the coming decade
* What does Profit with Purpose mean for my organisation?

* Leadership Lessons for sustainability from Nature, communities and organisations
* Social Media for sustainable causes
* Why become a green or social entrepreneur?

✓ MINDFULNESS (in association with The Potential Project)
* Managing your attention: The key to focus, calmness and effectiveness
* Mindfulness as a key to improved communication in work and life
* How to achieve work-life harmony with mindfulness
* Harness your creative capabilities with mindfulness
* Achieving inner resilience with mindfulness

* Conscious Communication for positive change
* Using Social Media for social change

* Strengths based Leadership (based on Positive Psychology at Work and Gallup’s research)
* Mind Training for  Leadership (in association with The Potential Project)
* Leading for Social Impact ( Conscious Leadership for environmental and social impact)

Panel Moderation at NTU on Social Entrepreneurship

Panel moderation at Philanthropy in Asia Summit







To find out more about Bhavani can help create positive and sustainable change in your organisation and for your stakeholders, contact her at bp[at]greencollarasia.com or on LinkedIn here

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At TedxSingapore 2013 with an audience of over 600 people