Speaking at TEDxSingaporeManagementUniversity

I was delighted to present at a TEDx event on April 4th, 2014 – for the third time in the last one and a half years!  There’s always something special about speaking at a TEDx event. For me it’s the entire process of preparing, getting feedback from curators and presenting an idea worth sharing.







The TEDxSingaporeManagementUniversity event was entirely curated by students of Singapore Management University (SMU), and they were very helpful in sharing with me their world, and what would be really meaningful for students hardpressed to do well in exams and get good jobs.  The best tip I got from the curators was to give ideas that would not be too difficult or far-fetched for them to implement, but ones within their reach.

The theme of the event was ‘Fine Print.’  I spoke about ‘Reading the Fine Print of Nature’ – why it’s important to connect with nature at a physical and emotional level, as well as by understanding her core principles.  I ended with practical suggestions for students to do.


Bhavani Prakash speaking at TEDxSingaporeManagementUniversity on ‘Reading the Fine Print of Nature’





















Thank you to the volunteer team of TEDxSingaporeManagementUniversity for organising a great event!









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