Mindfulness at Work

As a Senior Trainer and Consultant with The Potential Project, a global organisation leading mindfulness training at the workplace, I find it very meaningful to bring mindfulness to various organisations as part of in-house programs and workshops, or lunch & learns.

It was wonderful to do a lunch & learn with NVPC recently.  We started off with a ‘Mindful Eating’ session which is always an interesting experience for participants, as it is not usual for them to eat slowly paying full attention to every bite. It brought out some interesting insights as a segway into the mindfulness presentation. NVPC presented me with a lovely in-house publication entitled, ‘Is Giving Worth It?’ by Richard Hartung featuring interviews with 25 volunteers.




Here is one lunch & learn that I did recently for a shipping company. The lunch & learn was oversubscribed, and the company had to limit the number of attendees to 40 to fit the training room! It was heartening to see such a positive response to Mindfulness at Work.

Mindfulness at Work Lunch and Learn

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