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Bhavani Prakash at TEDxSingapore 2013

TEDx Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach on Sustainability & CSR | Mindfulness & EQ | Strengths based and Mindful Leadership

* Founder & CEO, Conscious Leadership Asia; Founder of Green Collar Asia and Eco WALK the Talk

* Author of  ‘The Sustainability Toolkit: A Framework for engaging employees in CSR’

SONY IWA Woman of the Year 2014, TEDxSingapore Sheroes for Inside Out Project, Finalist in Singapore Environment Council Asia Journalism Awards 2012

MSc in Financial Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Calcutta, India

* Appears regularly on media including Radio 938Live, Vasantham TV, Business Times, Straits Times, New Paper, TODAY, TABLA!

*Her writings have appeared in various online and offline publications such as Singapore Business Review, Green Purchasing Asia, Eco-Business,  Green Business Times,  Asia-Pacific LOHAS,  Singapore Daily,  Wild Singapore, The Good Paper,  UNIDO’s Making IT Magazine

*  Associate Member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, Speaker Committee Green Drinks Singapore, TEDxSingapore Curatorial team for SG50 2015

*  Based in Singapore, but available for travel globally for keynote talks, seminars, workshops and leadership and team coaching
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*  Email: bp[at] or bhavani[at]

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A personal note from Bhavani Prakash

Hi and thanks for connecting!

Coming from a finance and economics background, I transitioned a few years ago into the sustainability, mindfulness and leadership domains, when a moment of inspired realisation, as well as the enormity of the ecological crisis hit home. It was then that I made up my mind to live the rest of my life pursuing my true passion, which was to create massive awareness about the state of our ‘outer’ environment as well as ‘inner’ environment and encourage positive action. The journey began with the setting up of what has now become a well known environmental advocacy site called Eco WALK the

As Founder & CEO of Conscious Leadership Asia (an organisation committed to spreading sustainability, mindfulness and leadership in organisations) and Green Collar Asia, a sustainability oriented thought leadership portal, it is a continuation of the mission to engage with industry and the public through workshops, talks and events  to ensure long term sustainability for all, from a people, planet, profit perspective.

Do connect with me if you are organising a conference, event, workshop or coaching session for your organisation. I would love to help your organisation, its members and stakeholders achieve greater engagement for positive, sustainable change.

Warm regards,
Bhavani Prakash


Annual Event Dinner talk to 130 employees of an MNC

We are really honored to have you as our guest speaker. You are a very inspiring speaker as well as an excellent moderator. Thank you so much for joining us for the event. The audience really enjoyed it!   - ENERGY CARTA, Energy Experience Series, 2013

Bhavani gave a great guest lecture in my sustainability strategy course for MBA students at the National University of Singapore. More than anything, Bhavani comes across as being authentic and passionate about sustainability.  – Dr ANDREAS BIRNIK, Professor, NUS  Business School

“This is the very first time I have come across a workshop which integrates Nature and Leadership. It was a very innovative and gracious concept!   Hence the workshop connects to my heart and gives me new perspectives to appreciate “leadership”.  I resonate a lot with the segment about “cultivate network” and “systems” (the inter-connectivity) because this is the type of work  I am doing as a business or non-profit platform enabler as I have been treating the platforms as “econ-system”.  This approach enables me to look both “inward” and “outward” in a more holistic manner and take the required actions to build and sustain the connection/collaboration.  The 3 interactive sessions built rapport amongst the participants. The activites are so fun to let participants express and crystalise things in a creative and collaborative way.  They were very engaging evercises to promote deeper dialogues.  AVAN CHAN, Partipant in ‘Leadership Lessons from Nature’ workshop

“Your  session is very interactive and engaging with lots of experience and positive outcomes. Our  Exco members were very impressed “  – Tommy Loke, Exco member Asia Professional Trainers Singapore

It was such a vigorous and interactive Panel session that most of the audience highly appreciated it and some even rated it as the best professional event they have ever attended (not one of, but “The Best”). We are certainly looking forward to having more collaborations with you personally, or Eco WALK the Talk or Green Collar Asia in suitable situations.  -  Yiming Xu from AIESEC, Chairperson of Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge

Meeting Bhavani and listening to her talk on going green was a true pleasure. It was a timely reminder for us to be careful on the limited resources we have. The analogy of the apple and Mother Earth was thought provoking to many of us. She explained the concepts simply and I hope many of us can be proactive in recycling and reusing stuff that we typically throw away. We greatly enjoyed her presentation and look forward to another one, should there be a sequel to this. -SURESH PUNJABI, Executive Director, Marketing Institute of Singapore

I attended the career session last night and wanted to let you know how much I personally got out of your talk.  You are one of the most genuine and engaging speakers I’ve seen in a long time.  - NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies attendee

I saw Bhavani speak at Humaneity and again at Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). She impressed with her creative presentation and stood out for her authenticity and passion for her subject matter. Her natural joy is contagious and her care for what she does is genuine. A true gem. -       THADDEUS LAWRENCE, Speaker, TEDxSingapore , Past Vice-President, Asia Professional Speaker Singapore and best-selling author of “Runaway Success”

I’d like to say a big thank you for coming to speak to my students during ur water day.  I really should have had a big virtual bouquet delivered to your inbox!  Thanks so much for coming in and sharing your time, expertise and good humour with all of the kids.  Your presentation was terrific and spot on.  The kids got a lot out of learning more about the ins and outs of social media. Powerful stuff! Thanks again for coming in, and good luck with your future endeavors!-        PHIL MEEHAN, Tutor, Singapore American School

Bhavani’s presentation was engaging, amusing, interactive and pitched at the right level for our students. They were clearly engaged by her ideas and were keen to learn form her. Our Q&A session at the end could have lasted for ages!  Tutor,  United World College of South East Asia

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