Media Coverage


1. March 9 2015 Full length feature on Straits Times by DBS Bank for SG 50  Read the online version here

2. Reference to Bhavani Prakash by  in Straits Times ‘Slow down, lighten up, chart a new course’ here 

3. SONY-IWA Woman of the Year 2014. Read the article on TABLA! here on Pg 7 here

and earlier here  TABLA! a publication of Singapore Press Holdings  (Pg 7-8)

4 TODAY ONLINE: The Big Read: Behold, the rise of Singapore’s eco-warriors and foot soldiers. Read here

5  BUSINESS TIMES ‘ A Growing movement’

6 NEW PAPER/ASIAONEWOMEN: Green Lady:  Read here

7.  Singapore International Foundation  Readhere

8. The Singapore Promise (National Population and Talent Division) Pg 27 Read here

9. The Independent SG ‘What you can do to ease climate change’  Read here

10. Global Sustainability Communicator List by ABC Carbon here


 Meet the Communicators Pg 34 to 38

NEA Envision Magazine – Featured in ‘Meet the Green Communicators’ Pg 34 to 38


Bhavani Prakash in National Environment Agency’s Envision Magazine









10.ASIAONE News Quoted on Thank You Singapore

11. WALL STREET JOURNAL Quoted on Urban Food Farming in Singapore

12. Interviewed for Indian Institute of Managagement Calcutta, IMPACT 2010 Alumni Highlights

See interview here (Pg 26 – 27)


The Green Agenda with Andre Ahchak and Howie Lim on 22nd April 2015 for ‘The Sustainability Toolkit: A Framework for engaging employees in CSR’

The Green Agenda 22nd April 2015



A Slice of Life Hour with Eugene Loh and David Chung on ‘Mindfulness at Work’ with The Potential Project on 938 Live, 27th Feb 2015

938 Live with Bharati Jagdish and Andre Ahchak for Earth Day April 21 2014








93.8 LIVE with  MICHELLE MARTIN (2013)









Featured on Breakfast Club with Bharati Jagdish (2013)

With Bharati Jagdish 938 Live Breakfast Club



Featured on 93.8 LIVE ‘They Make a Difference’ Audio link here


* Invited to be a part of CNBC ENERGY OPPORTUNITIES: The Global Brainstorm (TV) to brainstorm the scenario ‘ How can we reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2025?’ with top business executives, government officials and NGO leaders in Singapore, including Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Environment and Water Resources.









*  Interviewed on Vasantham TV, Mediacorp Singapore for 25th March 2015 ‘Ethiroli’ programme






Featured on Today Online Eco Warriors  Read Article here


Nominated to be featured on TEDXSINGAPORE INSIDE OUT PROJECT

TEDxSingaporeWomen joined TED Prize winner J.R.’s Inside Out Project, a global art porject transforming message of personal identity into works of art. It aims to highlight untold stories and images of people around the world. I was nominated as one of the ‘Sheroes’ in the community. The pictures of Sheroes were enlarged and displayed as part of the TEDxSingapore Women programme in 2011.

Video Link here

*  Nominated as Finalist in Singapore Environment Council, ‘Asia Environmental Journalism Awards’ 2012 for best media organisation for ‘Eco WALK the founded by Bhavani Prakash

Featured in Our Singapore Conversation for the Green Community

Video link here