Keynote on International Women’s Day at Bank of New York Mellon, Singapore

It was a pleasure to be invited to speak as one of three keynote speakers on the occasion of International’s Women’s Day at Bank of New York Mellon, Singapore along with Claire Chiang of Banyan Tree Holdings and Ketki Vinayakachandran, a practicing doctor.















My keynote was entitled ‘Forward Thinking.’  The theme of the event was ‘Leading from the corner office and beyond’.  What kind of leadership thinking and behaviour would enable C-suite leaders from the ‘corner office’ need to enable organisations and societies to survive and thrive in the future?

I spoke about the need for ‘Conscious Leadership’ for a sustainable and equitable future – leadership that’s conscious and mindful of ‘footprint, mindprint and heartprint’ which means one’s physical impact, impact of one’s thoughts, and impact of one’s behaviour, and how these create a ripple effect in an organisation.

The event was attended by about 100 employees and clients of BNY Mellon Singapore.  The feedback I got was very heartening, most said they felt really inspired. In particular, one lady noticed I had spoken the language of banking (given my finance background, I was able to use the right terminologies), and that the talk came from a rational space as sustainability can come from a highly emotional space.  I was able to achieve, I think, a balance of both.















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