How do you inspire people to make positive change?

How do you inspire people to make positive change?

Ever since I became a sustainability advocate in 2008, it has been a continuous quest of mine to find different ways of engaging with people – to enable myself and those around me to make positive change towards a better life, and a better world.  In seeking out stories and inspirations from various communities of people, and sharing them, it is my hope that we can all create ripples of positive change around us.

As professional speakers are all about inspiring people into action, I posed this question to some of the top Singapore based global and local speakers who attended the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) Annual Convention on 23rd April 2013. I would have loved to ask many more who attended the event, but I had limited time to pull this off in between the sessions.

After compiling the video, I realised that there is indeed much wisdom in ‘collective wisdom!’   Enjoy and be inspired!

And do leave a comment below if you wish to share how YOU inspire people to make positive change.  You never know whose life you may touch!

(Video link is here )

Many thanks to Nicole Stinton, Andrew Bryant, Fredrik Haren, Ron Kaufman, Heather Hansen, Manoj Vasudevan, Andrew Chow, Tim Wade, Brenda Bence, Nishant Kashibatla, Tim Hamons, Wendy Tan and Maria Kassova for being such good sports, and sharing their thoughts.

This is a group photo of the APSS Annual Convention 2013, courtesy of APSS and Ron Kaufman who inserted the banner.

APSS Annual Convention 2013





  1. What a lovely idea for a video, Bhavani. It was such a great idea to get different ideas on inspiring positive change, and what a lot of great speakers you were able to interview. ‘Collective wisdom’ indeed, and a great example of collaboration! Well done, Bhavani!

    • bhavani says:

      Thanks Shirley!! I know how busy you and the team were in putting together the Annual Convention. It was a great event…thanks for your ‘collective efforts’ in pulling it off successfully!

  2. Well done, Bhavani. This looks great! And I’ve learned something, too.

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