Bhavani is an Accredited Strengths Coach, and is certified in a range of methodologies and psychometric tools. She weaves in her background in Business and Economics, Sutainability, Mindfulness, EQ, Positive Psychology and Leadership to coach leaders(  1-1 )and teams towards success.

Here are some of the key accreditations and methodologies that Bhavani uses in her coaching engagements. Clients sometimes ask for a particular methodology or entrust the coaching process to Bhavani to incorporate the methodology that is most appropriate in the moment to achieve the outcomes they desire:

* Corporate Based Mindfulness Training – The Potential Project 

As a Senior Trainer & Consultant with The Potential Project, Bhavani uses mindfulness (or attention training) techniques to coaching conversations, helping clients achieve greater focus, clarity, patience, kindness, resilience and effectiveness in the way they approach life and work in a calmer and less stressful way. Coachees can train their minds to notice their thoughts, emotions, feelings and judgments and be able to choose better ways of responding to these.  Mindfulness techniques combine ancient wisdom practices, with the latest research in neuroscience, organisational psychology and emotional intelligence. The Potential Project is a Denmark based global organisation with mindfulness coaching, training and leadership development programs that are a gold standard in this domain.

* Accelerated Strengths Coach – Gallup


Top 50 Coaches by Gallup in Asia
Bhavani Prakash (Middle placard second from top)


Bhavani is among the first 50 coaches to be accredited by Gallup in Asia using the StrengthsFinder, a world renowned tool used by individuals and organisations globally. It provides a unique profile for each individual based upon their top five strengths from a list of 34 generic strengths or talents. Bhavani helps clients understand their strengths, and how these can translate to weaknesses if not managed properly.  She also coachees on the interplay between various strengths, and how to overcome stumbling blocks.

Strengths based coaching can be tailored for team performance and effectiveness based on collective strengths. Read about Bhavani’s strengths journey here

* SEI EQ – Six Seconds 

Bhavani helps coachees to increase their self awareness and improve their emotional intelligence. The underlying philosophy is that Emotions drive people and people drive performance.  The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) is a tool that measures an individual’s EQ, and provides a framework to put EQ into action.   The 3 broad categories of the framework are

1. Know Yourself (Enhance Emotional Literacy and Recognise Patterns)
2. Choose Yourself 
(Apply Consequential Thinking, Navigate Emotions, Engage Intrinsic Motivation and Exercise Optimism)  and
3. Give Yourself 
(Increase Empathy and Pursue Noble Goals)

* Positive Pyschology Coaching – Positive Acorn

Bhavani’s approach to coaching is essentially based on the principles of positive psychology and helps to move clients from a problem focus to a solutions focus.  Using various kinds of powerful questions, she is able to elicit a mindset change in coachees, and hold them accountable for the goals and results they seek for themselves.

* Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Designed by global management expert, Marshall Goldsmith, this methodology lies on collaborative coaching. Bhavani helps to coach the leader and his or her team, to be coachable in turn by his or her stakeholders on a feedforward basis, based on expectations of changes expected from the leader or manager, as opposed to feedback which is after the fact.  This is for leaders who are already high performers and are willing to be a role model for their team.

* CCL Benchmarks

Bhavani is accredited with the Center for Creative Leadership to use CCL Benchmarks, a highly respected, statistically reliable, valid and comprehensive 360-degree feedback instrument. In addition to providing feedback to help identify strengths and development needs, it provides clients with a benchmark of how he or she compares with a meaningful norm group. Benchmarks is based on Center for Creative Leadership’s studies of how successful executives develop, and why they derail. 

* Workplace Big 5

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile is a personality assessment based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality These assessments assist coaches and consultants in finding out more about how individuals function in the workplace and how he or she can develop.  With personality knowledge combined with performance information, Bhavani helps clients learn how to capitalize on strengths, determine effective training, and build strategies for areas that require compensating.

* NLP Coaching

As a Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Bhavani helps clients to discover and reframe their mindsets, as well as improve communication with oneself and with others. NLP is helpful in overcoming personal barriers to success, and to achieve goals.



* Accelerated Strengths Coaching 
As outlined above, StrengthsFinder and Strengths based approaches can be used to enhance team dynamics and performance.

* Belbin Team Roles

Belbin’s Team Roles is considered the gold standard for team profiling.  It is a self-perception inventory identified by  nine “clusters of behaviour” or Team Roles. These are defined as  “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way”   It is also a strengths based tool and includes observer assessments. Bhavani helps client organisations improve team building using this tool

Six Seconds Vital Signs  

Using the underlying framework of emotional intelligence, the three Vital Signs tools are a 360 degree assessment of a leader or team, as well as organisational wide assessment of the climate that impacts productivity.

Leadership Vital Signs  or LVS provides insights on leadership impact and effectiveness.
Team Vital Signs    or TVS
identifies opportunities and obstacles for optimal group performance.
Organisational Vital Signs   or OVS
measures key indicators of organisational climate across the enterprise. 

* Group conversations through the Art of Hosting 

‘The Art of Hosting’ is about ‘inside out’ leadership as opposed to ‘top down’ leadership and involves designing of group conversations to enable the harvesting of stories and perspectives.  The 4 fold practice involce 1. Being present 2. Practicing conversations 3. Hosting conversations and 4. Co-creation.   Based on these principles, Bhavani helps to facilitate group conversations that leaders could model upon in their own organisations, such as World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology and so on.

During periods of uncertainty and change, group conversations are essential to ensure people’s unvoiced fears and opinions are heard, and that they can collectively co-create a direction and future that they feel themselves to be a part of.  People are more likely to participate in a change process that they are co-designing



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